As the country prepares for its second period of lockdown, the French Insurance Federation expresses its full solidarity with the French people and the entire community of policyholders.
Update : 4 november 2020

The 247 members of the Federation will take the necessary steps today to ensure the continuity of their services whilst ensuring their employees’ protection. They are committing to implement all the possible actions to support their policyholders during this difficult period.

Insurance services will remain operational to continue protecting the French

As an essential service for the country’s economy, insurance protects businesses and individuals against everyday risks by managing and paying out more than 30,000 claims on a daily basis.

In order to continue supporting their customers, branches, intermediaries and all insurance professionals will remain operational throughout the period of lockdown, particularly in the Alpes-Maritimes which was recently hit by violent weather conditions. Virtual contacts will be systematically preferred, but some offices will remain open if necessary and will strictly comply with prevention measures.

Insurers are therefore continuing to be fully committed to their mission of protection of their policyholders and their proximity to them on the ground.

Insurers will support their policyholders in difficulty and continue to roll out their recovery plan

As stakeholders on the ground, insurers are fully aware that this period of lockdown will be a trying time for French society, which has already been experiencing a difficult health and economic situation for many months.

The insurers that are members of the FFA are committed to proposing pragmatic solutions and solidarity-based actions to best support their policyholders in this new ordeal.

They are already collectively committing to:

  • waving at least one month’s rent for administratively closed businesses with fewer than 250 employees and for hotels, cafés and restaurants during the months of October, November and December 2020;
  • continuing to insure businesses that have been forced to close by administrative decision if they are late in paying their insurance premiums throughout the lockdown period;
  • offering a provident cover for any vulnerable person with a long-term illness, placed on sick leave under the derogation procedure currently provided for by the French Social Security system;
  • extending the coverage of companies’ IT equipment in the place of residence of their employees.

The insurers will also support the French economy by continuing to roll out the investment programme “Insurers – Caisse des Dépôts Sustainable Stimulus France” despite the lockdown, namely for the benefit of the tourism and healthcare sectors.

It seems more than legitimate to me to reaffirm our role in a suffering society” said Florence Lustman, President of the French Insurance Federation. “The insurance industry has been severely impacted in recent months, but we are fully aware of the sometimes tragic situations in which some individuals and businesses are finding themselves. Insurers will be fully committed on the ground alongside their policyholders and will continue to offer solutions to support them.” added Florence Lustman.