The French Insurance Federation and four trade unions – CFDT, CFE-CGC, UNSA and CFTC – have just signed a new agreement on the Forward Employment and Skills Management (FESM) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) within insurance companies.

In an environment where economic, societal and technological changes are accelerating, the insurance companies that are members of the FFA – with 148,000 employees – have always endeavoured to prepare for the transformation of their business and to promote the development of their professions.

This new FESM-VET agreement underlines the role of the sector and the social partners in terms of information and vocational guidance, the definition of integration policies, the development of skills and professional expertise. The signatories of the agreement reaffirm the fundamental role played by the Joint National Commission for Vocational Training and Employment (CPNFPE) in defining industry policy, in close collaboration with the collective training commissions, namely the Observatory on the evolution of insurance professions (OEMA) and the skills operator [OPCO] Atlas.

The agreement is the result of particularly constructive negotiations with the industry’s representative trade unions. It reflects the priorities of insurance companies that have always been able to develop their profession, adapt their organisation and strengthen their employees’ expertise. The investment of employers in the sector in continuing education and training is almost double the national average.

Work-study programmes are the other strong point of this agreement. The 2020 recruitment campaign should thus break all records with an increase of around 10% in new contracts year-on-year, despite the ongoing crisis. This priority given to work-study programmes – which have become the preferred method of hiring in the sector under both professionalisation and apprenticeship contracts – has made it possible over the years to diversify the profiles of young recruits and enrich the human capital of insurance companies.

I welcome the conclusion of this agreement, which demonstrates the importance we give to the forward-looking vision of employability in our sector”, says Florence Lustman, President of the FFA. “This agreement illustrates our determination to roll-out strong actions for the benefit of employees and employers in the industry: strengthening skills, giving career opportunities and making talent attractive are the keys to our collective success.

Find below an interactive version of the agreement, as well as an educational brochure (French only).

Accord relatif à la gestion prévisionnelle des emplois et des compétences et à la formation professionnelle tout au long de la vie dans les sociétés d’assurances

Accord GPEC – Formation professionnelle tout au long de la vie dans les sociétés d’assurances