From Christopher Columbus to the invention of the combustion engine, from the printing press to nanoscience, technical progress has always carried new risks. This has never been truer than of cyber technologies. Anyone now has cheap and easy access to hacking tools. Meanwhile, the unrelenting digitisation of production processes has created windfall opportunities for criminals. Add the human factor and the unavoidable loopholes it introduces anywhere where protective, but costly, redundancies were not included from the start.
It’s no longer a question of whether cybercrime may occur but when it will.

To address this very real threat, Le Club des Juristes, together with all parties concerned, has come forward to contribute to an approach taking fully into account the complexity of all these economic, legal and insurance dimensions.

Following its deliberations, the group, chaired by Bernard Spitz, President of the FFA, has not only taken stock of the situation, but has also put forward a consistent set of recommendations.

The first volume explores a wide range of solutions that would promote the emergence of a true cyber insurance. At the end of this document, you will find ten recommendations for a global and effective approach to the problem.

Two other volumes will follow, examining in particular the legal dimension and the conditions for the prevention of this new cyber risk, which we will have to get used to understanding, fighting and managing.

To know more :
The report “Insuring cyber risk” is available ont the Club des juristes website.