Batch 2019/2020

Disclaimer : Start-ups hosted in the Hub – Insurance & Innovation are not affiliated or members to the French Federation of Insurance.


Dronotec is a technical inspection network using drones and scan to freeze the current situation, visualize, measure and manage properties. From construction, work, maintenance, operation and demolition, risks reveal their data in photos, videos, thermography, 3D. Act with a maximum of useful data without hindering operations or taking human risks with Dronotec services!


Hokodo is a fintech startup that develops B2B insurance and finance solutions which can be deployed seamlessly into the platforms that SMEs use on a daily basis, such as trading marketplaces or accounting software. Using Hokodo’s developer-friendly APIs, B2B platforms now have an easy way to expand the range of services that they offer to their users. At the same time, insurers and financing partners enjoy access to a cost-efficient way to source and address SME needs.


Khresterion automates the production of insurance contracts ensuring the adequacy and compliance of custom-made proposals and producing business and legal documents (contracts, information notices, amendments). By embedding technical, legal and commercial expertise into a SaaS platform dedicated to professionals, Khresterion significantly reduces the time and cost of underwriting processing: the proposals are compliant, the documents are produced in minutes. The too many information exchange between the customer’s representative and the back office are reduced to focus only on necessary expert’s advices.

Liberty Rider

Liberty Rider is a mobile app that detects motorcycle accidents and warns rescue if the rider is not able to do it himself. How does it work? The rider launches the application at the beginning of the trip. If an accident occurs, the sensors on the phone coupled with a fall detection algorithm will identify the crash. Then, the phone will send an alert. This will be sent to Inter Mutuelle Assistance who will try to call the rider 3 times. If he doesn’t answer, rescue will be sent to the last GPS position recorded by the phone. Liberty Rider is a French application used by more than 350,000 bikers. Liberty Rider protection works in France and 9 other European countries.

Medicus AI

Medicus AI is a smart platform and app that interprets and translates medical reports and health data into easy-to-understand, personalized explanations and health insights, all in an interactive experience. Medicus AI currently covers biomarker data, all vitals, full health profile and family history, medications, and the most tested blood, urine and stool markers. Medicus AI ‘s smart coaching delivers health tips and actionable steps towards building sustainable healthy habits.


OpenLegacy is a hybrid integration platform offering microservices-based API integration specifically designed for legacy & on-premise systems. We connect complex IT infrastructures with the digital world of microservices and the cloud, by automating and standardizing the process of creating digital services -microservices based APIs- without changing any back end applications. An organization can move to a fast, agile and robust microservices architecture at a fraction of the time and cost. OpenLegacy is extremely relevant in scenarios where complex legacy systems are involved- Mainframe, AS/400, SAP, Oracle, Core insurance applications, etc.


Predilex is a SaaS solution to estimate and quantify bodily injuries claims for insurance professionals. Based on artificial intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, Predilex forecasts how injuries are going to evolve and the financial amounts the victim could claim for. Predilex helps insurance professionals to cut their claims management costs and to improve their reserves techniques.

Prev & Care

Prev & Care is the first Prevention and Care management assistance platform dedicated to family caregivers. In France 8 million non professional carers attend to weakened family members. These carers are under great physical and emotional stress – leading to strong health and social issues. Prev & Care personal assistants provide proactive, personalised and multi dimensional support to them. Prev & Care answers the needs of active and non active caregivers through specific B2B and B2C distribution channels and contributes to raise awareness on this key topic through radio, press and social networks. Prev & Care has been awarded « Best solution for family caregivers » in 2019 by SilverEco and is supported by CNAV and ARS.


Qover created the first global “Insurance-As-A-Service” platform. Qover operates as a digital wholesaler for insurance contracts that can be sold under another brand. Qover enables any company, insurer or insurtech to easily integrate insurance products into its digital ecosystem through open APIs.


Stackadoc automatically transforms legal and financial documents into structured data without human intervention. We accelerate and make more reliable the processes of contract review, audit and Due Diligence. We help insurers and brokers make the inventory of contracts more efficient and reliable, so that they can quickly identify their characteristics (clauses, provisions). On this basis, our tool helps the technical and legal departments to control the contractual documents, to make their content more reliable and to ensure their compliance (regulatory, internal or visual).