Batch 2018/2019

Disclaimer: Start-ups hosted in the Hub – Insurance & Innovation are not affiliated or members to the French Federation of Insurance.


INSquary offers an Internet platform aimed at simplifying compliance relations between insurers and their partners (distributors and outsourced managers). The start-up allows insurers to check that partners are compliant with some or all of the 250 control criteria covering all their obligations under the various general or specialised regulations (data protection, duty to give advice, combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, good practice, market rules, ACPR (French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority) recommendations, etc.). INSquary aspires to become the market’s go-to system for compliance, using new technology as a means of gaining time and securing data, to strengthen transparency and trust between professionals in the insurance sector.

JetPack Data

JetPack Data empowers business users to instantly transform their excel files and databases into dynamic, exploratory and collaborative graphical analysis by a simple drag and drop. On cloud or on premise, the artificial intelligence layer of JetPack Data makes it easier to analyze data, which allows business users to save time and optimize their decision-making.


Seyna is a start-up specialising in managing niche property and casualty insurance products: electric bicycles, drones, absence of waves for surfers, etc.


Fotonower builds an automated solution of automobile claims management for insurers, based on image processing via artificial intelligence, accelerating the estimation of vehicle damage, reducing costs of expertise and streamlining compensation.


Soyooz is an industrial solution which, via a simple and non-technical questionnaire, identifies the prospects needs and models a recommendation of insurance offer, from thousands of possible combinations, thanks to artificial intelligence.


Zelros develops the first “augmented employee” platform that assists insurers with artificial intelligence, from sales to predictive management and claims processing. Zelros uses interactive natural language chatbots built within agents and customer advisors messaging tools.